Nick Nalbach

Relationship Manager



Nick_N_200Originally from upstate New York, Nick has always lived his life with the perspective that impacting small things can create massive change. Carson Wealth allows Nick to embody that message every day. Through strong communication and understanding, Nick looks forward to finding what makes others happy, what their goals are and with the assistance of our advisors, how to develop a plan of action as they seek to fulfill those goals.

Nick’s positive drive to make others successful was even more influenced during his time at Creighton University. Nick majored in Financial Planning, a CFP® board registered program, and Management. He also minored in Spanish. Having a hunger for further knowledge in the field of financial planning, Nick ran for and was elected president of the Creighton University Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Nick loves to spend time with others. His passions are music, swimming and [unfortunately] the Buffalo Bills. Nick also enjoys volunteering. Every semester of his college career he volunteered a minimum of 24 hours of service in the Omaha community, granting Nick the accolade of being named to the Creighton University Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

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Getting to Know Nick

Favorite food: Pizza & Wings

Fun Fact: Nick is certified in Events Aesthetics & Design

Best piece of financial advice Nick has received: “You can’t afford that, YET.” – Nick’s Father

If Nick could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Neither, he would rather meet someone from the future.

Hidden talent/skills: Piano and Board Games

What motivates Nick: The knowledge that impacting miniscule things can create massive change.

Something on Nick’s bucket list- To cage dive with great white sharks off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa…with a very strong term life insurance policy backing him up!