401(k) Plans Built for the Boardroom and the Break Room

It’s recommended to examine and renegotiate your company’s 401(k) provider every two years – a benchmarking process that not only helps keep your company costs down, but also gives your employees value beyond a doubt.

At Pangea Wealth, we specialize in providing 401(k) plans to fit the needs of every party. We’ll walk through your current 401(k) plan and the options available to you, considering three core benchmarking factors:

  • Fees: Not all plans are created equal. Your company and employees could be paying too much for your plan as a whole, or the individual funds within your plan.
  • Funds: Do the funds provided in your plan fit the needs of your employees? Are there gaps or underperforming funds? We can take a look at each fund within your plan and help you do your due diligence.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility: We work in the best interest of our clients – always. You do the same as the plan sponsor or trustee. We can help you make sure your 401(k) offering fulfills your fiduciary responsibility.

Set a consultation today if you’re interested in exploring cost savings options, examining plan liability and compliance, or getting a third-party review of your plan and the funds within it.

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