Carson Provides Support to Flood Victims

By Jill Hamilton

In late March, several states in the Midwest including Nebraska and Iowa endured record flooding. Nebraska alone has endured over an estimated $1 billion in damages, with more than 2,000 homes and 340 businesses destroyed. With several of our Omaha stakeholders directly affected by the flood waters, our Carson family banded together to show support.

On Friday, March 29th our headquarters hosted a pop-up shop and happy hour. We cleared our marketing closet of outdated branded water bottles, polos, pullovers, notebooks and cups. Stakeholders enjoyed an afternoon of shopping, eating and drinking – all while raising money for flood victims. Our pop-up shop raised over $1,200 in just over two hours, and Carson also donated $5,000 to American Red Cross.

The generosity didn’t stop there. Omaha Stakeholder, Mandi Liston, and her husband, Adam, immediately started a GoFundMe page. This page helped raise money for rescue flights in and out of Fremont, Nebraska. Many Fremont residents were stranded due to the rapidly rising waters and they had no way out, but up!

As an accomplished pilot, Adam used his aviation connections and recruited nearly 30 other pilots. These pilots kindly donated their time, fuel, and planes to help rescue more than 500 flood victims. We also had several stakeholders give their time volunteering at the Fremont donation center where they assembled more than 150 hygiene kits for displaced families.

These are just a few examples of why Carson is voted one of the best places to work – because of our amazing stakeholders! A huge thank you to everyone who helped!

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