Posted on May 30, 2018

Pamela Peña Earns CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification


Published by Jill Hamilton, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Pamela Peña’s journey to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM (CFP ®), was one full of hard work and adversity. One that gave her an exceptional ability to empathize with her clients’ unique situations, fully understand their individual needs and help them prepare for the unknown.  After losing her father at a young age, she experienced firsthand the ripple effect that this kind of tragic and unexpected loss has on a household. Following his death, her family lost their business and she and her sister had to move in with their grandparents.

As an adult, Peña established a career in real estate in Florida right before the downward shift in the economy in 2008. After the economic fallout, Peña decided to go back to school and study finance at Florida International University earning a degree in finance with a focus in banking.

“Finance and numbers are areas that have always made sense to me,” she says. As a Wealth Advisor, Peña is one of few females in a largely male industry. Over the years she has seen a need for women and minorities to further educate themselves in the area of money. Today, she spends her spare time sharing her expertise with local non-profit organizations such as The Latino Center of the Midlands, teaching minorities the basics of budgeting and investing, and she speaks with all female audiences at Carson Wealth’s Women & Money events.

“Women make a lot of the financial decisions in the household and they often don’t give themselves enough credit, just because they may not know all the jargon and terminology. Ladies know more than they think,” says Peña.

In 2017, she decided to expand her professional knowledge into additional areas such as business retirement planning, estate planning, tax citation and risk management. In April of 2018, Peña earned her Certified Financial Planning certification and become one of only 20% of Wealth Advisors with a CFP® accreditation.

“We are very proud of Pamela for achieving this important certification. She realizes that helping explain complex financial matters in a simple way is vital to the planner/client relationship. This certification allows her to continually be a trusted advisor,” said Paul West, Carson Wealth Vice President.

For some, the thought of meeting with a Wealth Advisor or CFP® can be daunting, especially if you are one of the millions of people who simply don’t understand investing and are overwhelmed with trying to plan for the unknown.

“As a CFP®, I am held to a higher fiduciary standard. I provide my clients with options that are always in their best interest and I explain those options in terms that they can understand,” she explains. “I am no different than my clients, but I do have knowledge in a different area. All of my client meetings start the exact same way, with a handshake and a smile.”