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Our financial advisors in Napa, California, work with families and businesses to pursue their financial and life goals by crafting effective and personalized financial plans.

We strive to help educate and support our clients so they can live their lives with confidence and a healthy mindset about their financial situation.

Our advisors serve California clients in Napa, Sonoma, San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Sarasota, San Juan Capistrano, Yountville and surrounding areas.

Our team specializes in providing our clients with highly personalized, comprehensive, full-service financial planning, divorce planning, sale of small businesses, portfolio management and estate planning.



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Kent Kuhlmann

Managing Director, Wealth Advisor


The Importance of Process in Your Investment Strategy

The investment process is the workhorse behind any sustainable investment strategy. It provides an orderly way to create and maintain a portfolio aligned with specific goals and objectives while seeking to manage investment risk.

Estate Planning Simplified: Understanding Wills & Trusts

While it’s easy for people to back-burner estate planning due to busy schedules or thinking they have plenty of time to get around to it, avoiding this important planning area can result in property and financial assets passing to unintended heirs in unintended ways.

Divorce Financial Planning Guide

There’s no question divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally charged experiences people may encounter in their adult lives. However, it is possible to get through a divorce with your self-esteem, finances and future intact. The key is careful and deliberate planning.


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