New Plan Development

Expected Returns & Plan Development

Think of your investment portfolio like a highway. Some of us will always want to drive the speed limit, some of us may like to go slower and move cautiously, and some of us will drive a bit above that limit to reach our destination faster (but risk a ticket or wreck in the process). However, no one should be recklessly driving 50 mph faster than the speed limit. That’s how we approach financial planning.

Your financial advisor will help ensure your financial goals and objectives are in line with your level of comfort taking on risk. We do this through a portfolio stress test on your current investments. Then, your advisor will design a personalized financial roadmap that meets your needs. How does this work? It’s what we call our Digital Allocation Tool, which is an easy three-step process.

Step 1: Determine your risk profile.

Step 2: Compare your current investment allocation to your risk profile.

Step 3: Create a plan that aligns your goals with your risk profile.