Selling Your Financial Advisor Business?

If you are considering selling your financial advisor business, but don’t know where to begin.  You don’t have to go it alone. Carson Wealth helps you protect, build, and harvest value before you sell. 



We get it – We’ve been where you are.

Our partners owned separate businesses before merging and joining Carson Wealth. We had many of the same doubts, uncertainties, and questions as you. Such as: 

  • How do I transition out of my business and make sure my clients are taken care of? 
  • How do I find the right person to take over with the right timing? 
  • How do I obtain the most value for my business? What steps can I take to potentially increase value before the sale?
  • Should I sell it myself or use a business broker?
  • When should I put my business for sale? 

At Carson Wealth, we’ll help you with a path to discover the optimum answers tailored to you. We use our proven process on our own business and will show you the way forward. 


By Choosing Carson Wealth for Owner Transition Services You’ll Gain:

An Advisor You Can Trust

We’ll help you identify your goals, provide feedback, and show you the way to help maximize value. 

A Clear Plan For Exiting

Utilizing a proven process, we’ll analyze your business today, make a plan, and walk through your plan to increase the value of your business and pursue your goals so you can be ready for succession or sale. 

Confidence in Your Future

Gaining confidence in making well-informed decisions can help you relax and create a brighter future. 

Here’s How We Help You Create The Transition You’ll Love:

Schedule a consultation and decide if we’re a good match 

Follow our proven process toward buyer-readiness

Work to secure maximum value for your business 

We help you enjoy financial freedoms you’ve dreamed about! 

Why Carson Wealth?

We help you prepare for the sale or succession of your Financial Advisor business. Before you list your business for sale, you need to make sure it’s at maximum buyer-readiness, and valued at the best price possible. Our specialty is to guide you to work towards these results! 

Our team is here to support you as you navigate the transition process. We’ll help you: 


  • Break through the feeling of being “stuck” 
  • Give you structure and guidance to define your next steps 
  • Ensure there are no gaps in your plan 


Our Advisory Team

Midvale Team

Ben Hewlett, CFP®, Wealth Advisor

Morgan Lindsay, CFP®, Wealth Advisor, Director of Advisor Development

Steve Casell, Wealth Advisor

Thom K. Hall, CFP®, ChFC®, CExP™ Managing Director, Partner, Wealth Advisor

Duane Toney, CPA, PFS, Managing Director, Partner, Wealth Advisor

Ben is a non-producing registered representative of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC
Morgan is a non-registered affiliated person of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC
Steve is a non-producing registered representative of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC
Duane is a non-registered affiliated person of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC

How Can I Exit My Business?

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