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Carson Private Client

Highly complex needs can require sophisticated solutions. When you become a Carson Private Client member, you get the one-on-one support you need from your fiduciary advisor – and a team of highly specialized professionals focused on your unique situation, including CPAs, CFPs®, JDs, and more.

Your team uses a proactive approach to wealth management, working to bring you solutions tailored to fit your needs. You’re in control – while we help you adapt to the sophistications that wealth can bring.

Experience the Benefits

Carson Private Client isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s for individuals with complex needs who need help simplifying their lives. 

Carson Private Client helps high net worth individuals and families with sophisticated solutions. Request a consultation to explore the luxury and benefits of becoming a Carson Private Client.

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Menu of Services

Financial Planning

Your situation is unique – and your financial plan should be, too. Our team won’t set it and forget it. It’s always a focal point along your financial journey.

Investment Advisory

The investment strategies in your plan must fit your goals. Our investment team will help determine the right strategy for you and provide financial modeling.


If you’re looking for specialized investing options, we’ll help you find a solution – including private equity, debt, real estate and beyond.

Structure Solutions

Whether you need a simple structured product or a highly complex option, our team will find an investment solution for you.

Tax Planning

You need proactive planning advice – plain and simple. Integrated tax planning goes well beyond what account to draw from and when: It’s your business planning, corporate benefits, income planning and more.

Private Banking

We can help you with the complex banking needs. Also, we make sure you earn market-based interest on your savings and spending accounts, complete with a debit card, mobile app and up to $2.5 million in FDIC insurance.

Trust & Estates

Have confidence in your legacy plan. Our trust and estate planning advisors and attorneys will work alongside you tailor your plan to your needs.

Philanthropic Support

We help you support the organizations you care deeply about by finding efficient giving strategies through our Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy®.

Legal Review

Our in-house Advanced Solutions team helps you match your legal needs with the complexities of your life’s goals.

Family Meetings

Leaving wealth for the next generation should be family conversation. We can help facilitate these conversations with your loved ones.

How it Works

Your fiduciary advisor serves as your personal financial coach and as a conduit to your entire team of specialists. When you meet with your advisor, they will pull in other members of the team as needed – custom fit to your needs.

Get Started

Complex needs require sophisticated solutions such as advanced financial planning, detailed investment advisory, tax planning and efficiency, private banking with market-based interest rates, trust and estate planning, and more.

Set up a consultation to become a member of Carson Private Client today.

How can I donate in the most efficient way possible?

There are many ways to give to nonprofit organizations – from dropping off your old couch at Goodwill to volunteering at the local soup kitchen. When it comes to giving money, there are many personal benefits, both emotional and financial.


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