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About Carla

“When it comes to client service or working with our staff, I’m very detail-oriented. Whether I’m putting together forms, transferring money, or helping out our administrative staff, I pride myself on reducing the likelihood of errors by paying close attention and being accurate in the details.”

Carla has been the Manager of Operations for Carson Wealth for 19 years. Her ability to focus on the details is second to none, whether she is working with our administrative staff or on client documents. She not only oversees the administrative side of the office but she also handles all Human Resource requirements. Carla helps our clients open accounts, transfer money, fill out paperwork and ensures that the business side of our office runs smoothly.

Prior to joining the firm, Carla worked in the HR department at Mesa for twenty years, where she was known for her high-quality work, organizational skills, and attention to detail.

Outside of work, Carla enjoys spending time with her husband, Roy, her four children, and seven grandchildren. Carla also appreciates crocheting and is an avid reader.

Favorite food:


Best piece of financial advice received:

Always think about your future!

If Carla could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

George Strait

Favorite movie:

As a mother of boys, Carla enjoys action and horror films

What motivates Carla:

Always wanting to do her best

Something on Carla’s bucket list:

Travel somewhere she hasn’t been

Biggest accomplishment:

Besides her family, she would have to say her longevity at the two jobs she has ever held

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