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About Drew

Drew is an Associate Wealth Advisor and has a knack for solving puzzles and approaching challenges with enthusiasm. He enjoys his job of assisting clients, not only in their general long-term goals, but also in creating portfolios and financial plans to help clients find their freedom in both their financial and personal lives.

When he discovered that traditional portfolio and investment management lacked assurance and reliability, he devoted himself to over 5,000 hours of economic and investment research and testing to find a better solution. His findings resulted in superior outcomes despite a volatile market. He utilizes his research findings to employ the methods he uses to help Carson clients to increase the odds of reaching positive outcomes for their financial futures. He continues to devote himself to weekly investment research.

Raised in east Tennessee, he always valued the importance of hard work and dedication. At age 17, he found his challenge by joining the Marine Corps. Most of his time was spent stationed with 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion on the coast of North Carolina. After exiting the Corps, he studied Finance and Investments at East Tennessee State University.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and backpacking, as well as running and doing various activities outdoors. He is also involved in youth ministry and enjoys volunteering at his local church.

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