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Meet Luis


At age 20 I got my General Life and Health ins. license and became a business consultant. I built my book of business for 5 years and transitioned into banking. I’ve worked for national and locally owned Banks. While in banking I went from Personal Banking and quickly moved up to be a Business advocate. I worked for Amarillo National Bank and worked in the Trust department alongside Senior Trust officers. Recently I’ve had an opportunity to work and be mentored by a Financial advisor and getting to understand and be passionate about this industry.

I’m a huge DIY person. I enjoy working in my shop early on the weekends and doing wood work while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I enjoy loading my jeep up to go to the lake or to go hiking, camping or with my mountain bikes. I also have a dog that me and him do everything together. I enjoy going to baseball games to watch either the Sod Poodles or down in Arlington for the Texas Rangers. It’s important for me to be surrounded by my friends and family and a good way to do that is through food. I love to cook and to enjoy there company with a nice meal with those you care about and unwind and forget your problems for a bit.



Favorite food:


Best piece of financial advice received:

Having control of your money is freedom

Favorite quote:

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory

If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

Robin Williams

Hidden talent:

I can cook but tell people I cant

Favorite movie:

John wick

What motivates you:

I've had my share of struggles. I never forget those times for they were a lesson not a sentence.

Favorite holiday:


Something on your bucket list:

Go to a Green Bay Packers game in Lambeau