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I’ll never forget the financial advisor who helped me and my family when I was a young soldier. I’ve seen first hand what a difference financial planning can make – not just for your wealth, but for your life.

My passion is to truly help clients work towards their goals. Whether that is finally paying off a credit card, buying that vacation home you’ve always wanted, finally feeling comfortable to retire, or caring for a loved one in old age, the measure of my success is when you do the things in life that are important to you.

In the military, we have to solve problems creatively and communicate solutions that are clear and precise. My background as a Special Forces Officer gave me years of experience listening, identifying root issues and communicating in terms that can be easily understood. My service has also instilled the values of integrity, duty, loyalty and quick thinking under fire – skills and values I draw on every day as an advisor.

I enjoy leading efforts on your behalf across your team of CPAs, insurance agents, bankers and attorneys to help you make the best decisions possible. I love helping those who have not had an advisor and those who want more from one.

I graduated summa cum laude and as a Distinguished Military Graduate with a Political Science degree from St. Norbert College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Following college, I served 10 years in the U.S. Army on active duty as an Armor and Special Forces Officer leading my teams on four combat deployments to the Middle East.

I graduated on the Commandant’s List from the Special Forces Detachment Officer Qualification course, Maneuver Captain’s Career Course and as a Distinguished Graduate from Command & General Staff College.

I moved over to the Army Reserves as a Major in order to pursue a career and spend more time with my family. The financial advisor I met in the military years ago made such an impact on our lives that I was inspired to pursue a career in financial planning.

I have experience developing, implementing and managing financial plans for individuals and families. I focus on helping families in the accumulation stage of wealth building and with small business owners struggling to get the most out of their business and personal finances.

With my background and personal experience, I’m also passionate about helping military members and veterans understand their financial life and make a successful transition after serving.

After over two years of deployments, time with my wife and two young boys is priceless. I love traveling, going to concerts and movies, and constantly learning new things. My wife and I enjoy hosting a small group through church at our home.

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Favorite food:

My mom’s blueberry pie

Hidden talent:

Slapping the bass

Best piece of financial advice received:

Invest early, invest often, and let time work for you

If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

George Washington – he personified the potential of America

Favorite quote:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”-Benjamin Franklin

“Do or do not. There is no try” –Yoda

“De Oppresso Liber” – U.S. Army Special Forces Motto

Favorite book:

The Mission, The Men, and Me by Peter Blaber – provides fantastic principles for leadership and success in any environment

Favorite movie:

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – a classic I’m now getting to share with my son…he was shocked to hear Darth Vader was Luke’s dad

Favorite TV show:

Modern Family

What motivates you:

Serving my clients, community and country to the best of my abilities.

Favorite holiday:

Christmas…seeing the excitement in my sons is priceless

Something on your bucket list:

Take Latin dance lessons with my wife.

Place you’d most like to visit:

Northern Italy. I love their wine, food, and scenery

Biggest accomplishment:

Leading my Special Forces team on three combat deployments – and marrying my wife who is better than I ever deserved!