Business Executives

You’ve put in your forty hours by Wednesday of most weeks in a demanding, fast-paced atmosphere that calls for you to make decisions constantly.

How can you continue your success at work while fully concentrating on your family during your spare time?

At Carson, we know your financial plan involves more than just the digits in your bank account. We want to help you build a comprehensive picture of wealth management that will support your life management, freeing you up for family time and hobbies.

We’re here to help you analyze and make the most of:

  • Deferred compensation packages
  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Stock awards and restricted stock options
  • Tax strategies to minimize liability
  • Savings metrics required to maintain lifestyle for you and your family
  • Starting on a realistic retirement income plan
  • Life and disability policy review to determine if any gap exists
  • Opportunities to expand and diversify charitable giving


Your profession and your wealth-building process should enhance your life, not distract from it. Let’s put together a plan that will give you work-life balance while securing your family’s lifestyle for the future.

Our passion at Carson Wealth is to make the complex simple. Let’s bring your planning in line with your dreams so you can focus on what matters most.

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Tailored Solutions. Trusted Advice.

Whether you’re a business owner, a grandparent, an executive, or someone experiencing a major life change, we are here for you. At Carson Wealth, we specialize in helping individuals with advanced wealth management needs, and we tailor our solutions to your situation.

Medical Professionals

You know how important it is to have a clear plan in place when the unexpected occurs. From wealth management to retirement planning, our team can help simplify your financial life.


Women & Wealth

The gravity has shifted in the last generation. Women are decidedly at the table when it comes to wealth – oftentimes at the head of that table. You are the face of wealth in the future.


Private Client

You’ve put in a lifetime of work establishing a legacy that will benefit your family for generations. Our team of legacy specialists can help you build a plan to protect your wealth and your family.


Business Owners

Owning a business brings up new questions every day. Cash flow, tax efficiency, risk management, acquisitions or selling. Our dedicated team can help provide answers.


Divorce Planning

As one household becomes two, there’s a lot of planning to be done. Our advisors have walked many families through this difficult journey to a place where they can find sure footing.