Recent webinars from your team at Carson Wealth Hagerstown and Johnson City

Setting Your Purpose

You create a more sustainable business when you have a defined, inspirational and meaningful purpose that’s woven into all aspects of your practice.

Developing a Team of People Built for Success

To get your team on the same page, a page has to exist. You need a clear vision that your team can work toward. Just as important, you need the right kind of team members who will see, understand and make your vision happen.

Building a Self-Managing Team Through Process

Processes show that your business is sustainable and valuable for the long term. They also allow you to focus on interacting with clients and big-picture items rather than getting caught up in daily tasks.

Prioritizing Profit

Profitability allows room for market fluctuations to occur without devastating your business. And it will also attract the right team players who will, in turn, provide value to your clients.