How to Work with a Financial Advisor

Ready to work with a financial advisor or wealth planner? We’ll break down your questions, including what is financial planning, what does a financial advisor do, and what are fiduciary advisors?

Wealth Manager vs. Financial Advisor: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a wealth manager and financial advisor? We’ll talk about similarities between what wealth managers do and what financial advisors do, and how they may differ from one another.

How Much Should I Have Saved in My 30s?

When it comes to saving for retirement, people often ask their financial advisor, “How much should I have saved in my 30s?” Let’s take a look at where you should try to be with retirement planning during your 30s.

How Much Should I Be Saving in My 20s?

Wondering when you should start saving for a home or even begin a retirement savings plan? Start saving in your 20s will and get the gift of time and compounded interest.

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Ever wonder who needs estate planning? Find out why estate planning is important for everyone and what happens if you don’t have an estate plan.

When to Work with a Financial Advisor

By Craig Lemoine, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Consumer Investment Research When you think about financial planning or wealth management, you may think those services are only needed and meaningful for people who have accumulated monopoly-style buckets of money. And while financial advisors and …

How Financial Advisors Make Money

By Craig Lemoine, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Consumer Investment Research   Financial advisors provide financial planning or investment guidance to clients. They may meet in person, remotely or provide advice within a larger firm setting. Financial advisors may work for themselves, with small …

How Much Do I Need to Retire? Planning for Your Unique Retirement Needs

By Craig Lemoine, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Consumer Investment Research “How much do I need for retirement?” It’s a question I often hear, and one that seems straightforward enough to tackle. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite so simple.

Culture From the Top Down: Executive Compensation Plans Explained

By Craig Lemoine, Director of Consumer Investment Research At their most basic level, executive compensation plans are designed to attract, retain and motivate top talent and leadership. But truly successful plans are designed to be much more than providing a high salary to a key employee – …

Designations for Financial Advisors: A Complete Guide

By Craig Lemoine, Ph.D., CFP®, Director of Consumer Investment Research We speak a secret language in financial planning. So much of our world is filled with abbreviations surrounding insurance and investment products, processes, education and accomplishments.  I could say “Tammy, a CLU and …

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