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Jeffrey Couzens is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with an ability for making complex topics understandable. His decisiveness and know-how help clients navigate financial challenges and opportunities.

Estate planning is made easier with Jeffrey’s help. While he acknowledges that drafting estate planning documents can be emotional at times, he can help make the pieces fit while preserving important family goals and traditions. Jeffrey is proud to work alongside clients to provide better financial outcomes – and to watch as eventual needs are met through careful planning beforehand.

A Southern Connecticut State University alumnus, Jeffrey understands the importance of education. Planning for college is a common goal, yet saving for college can prove difficult – especially with competing needs. He says that witnessing a client’s child toss their cap into the air upon graduating college is one of the best affirmations a financial planner receives after helping clients plan for that child’s college education.

The transition from a lifetime of work into retirement can feel drastic, but Jeffrey can help make that transition a little less daunting. He guides clients into making the most of this exciting next chapter in life and takes great pride in watching clients thrive in retirement.

Outside of work, you might find guitarist Jeffrey and his bandmates in a jam session or playing a gig. He also loves bicycling and sets an annual goal of 1,500 miles per year on his bike. His favorite rides are gravel, mountain and even snow biking. Jeffrey hopes to one day take a trip to hike and camp in the Grand Canyon.

The best piece of financial advice he ever received was to “never underestimate the power of compound interest,” and he is flattered that so many of his client’s children eventually become clients in their own right – to Jeffrey, that is the highest accomplishment a financial planner can receive.

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