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About Linette


Linette grew up in Iowa Falls, IA where she excelled in the banking industry. After her marriage to Joel, they moved to Ames, IA where she worked in the Computer Science department for Iowa State University. Later she moved departments and began working directly with the President of ISU half days while spending the other half helping run the Knoll with the President’s wife. She subsequently moved to Johnston, IA working at Heartland AEA before having her second child. At that point she began staying home as a domestic engineer until she accepted her current position. As Office Manager, she has had several other job duties integrated into her job description including Payroll and Love Affair Marketing for all of our clients. This keeps things busy and exciting for her. In her free-time she enjoys travel, spending time with her husband and kids, reading and helping people in need.

Wealth, Mind & Spirit


Our YouTube channel is designed to spur mindful thinking as it surrounds wealth. We see money as a tool to help you work toward your goals, and success as multifaceted. In our videos, we discuss these topics and how they intertwine with traditional financial insight.