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Meet Liz


As a Client Relationship Manager at Carson Wealth, Foxborough, Liz Beebe takes pride in orchestrating unparalleled client experiences within the financial landscape. Not only does Liz bring years of experience and passion to her role at Carson Wealth, but she also champions a client-centric approach that goes beyond transactions, focusing on enduring partnerships.

Driven by a dedication to understanding individual client needs, she also ensures that clients feel valued and supported at every step of their financial journey. Liz firmly believes that the key to success lies in the success of each client. By owning the client experience, she ensures that every interaction is not just transactional but an opportunity to deliver exceptional service, reinforce trust, and foster long-term relationships.

Liz was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where she attended College. She enjoys being outdoors (camping, hiking), playing with her dogs (Murphey and Lincoln), and spending time with her family.