Simplified Financial Advice.

Matt decided early in his career that he wanted to be in the wealth management field because he had a passion about helping people with one of the most important aspects of a family’s dynamic. He particularly enjoys building personal relationships with people as they go through the financial planning process. When Matt joined the team in 2014, he knew it was exactly where he wanted to be. The team’s mission of providing responsive, passionate, trustworthy service to their clients fit with his values perfectly.

He believes in building strong client relationships through trust and clear communication. He spends time with his clients discussing their needs and desires and makes recommendations based on a thorough understanding of their goals for the future. One of his greatest assets as a financial advisor is his ability to shift gears and tune in to the client. He counsels clients through a disciplined planning process while drawing on the knowledge and experience of the team.

In addition, Matt mixes in compassion towards client’s needs with high-end customer service. Responding to clients in a timely manner is vital to the success of any company and individual. He loves the fact that a real person answers the phone when you call in.

Matt’s personal life consists of spending time with his wife, Gina, and their three boys Cade, Hayden, and Graham. His evenings and weekends are spent on the move between his sons’ sporting activities or socializing with friends. When Matt can find some free time, he enjoys golfing or a good book about his industry or a horror story from time to time to mix it up.

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of South Dakota and has been in the financial management industry since 1999.

Wealth, Mind & Spirit


Our YouTube channel is designed to spur mindful thinking as it surrounds wealth. We see money as a tool to help you work toward your goals, and success as multifaceted. In our videos, we discuss these topics and how they intertwine with traditional financial insight.