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Robert has more than three decades of experience in helping clients pursue their goals. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and former tax attorney, his strong grasp of estate and tax concepts put him in a solid position to manage wealth in a comprehensive way.

He is adept at helping clients map out their “second career” of retirement and managing a tax-efficient stream of income to help sustain a thriving retirement. Robert knows the importance of discussing potential pitfalls before and during retirement and how to prepare and cope with them, should they arise.

Robert knows that the most important question his clients ask is “Will I be OK?” – which he refers to as the “WIBO question.” He understands the importance of this question and is prepared to put his clients in a position where the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

A Boston College alumnus, Robert’s quotes have appeared in myriad media outlets, including CNBC.com, Barron’s and Bloomberg News. He’s also a licensed life, accident and health insurance agent with the state of Connecticut.

Robert is a self-proclaimed bibliophile (his favorite book is “Bonfire of the Vanities”) and enjoys studying military history and photography. You may notice some of his photos displayed alongside other photographers’ pieces at the Farmington office. He enjoys seeing travel photos from clients and has been known to add those photos to the office’s photo display.

Traveling the world is on his bucket list, but for now he’s happy to serve the unique needs of his clients and to spend time with his family.

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