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About Russ


Growing up, Russ Nieland watched his parents – successful, but small, Iowa farmers – receive limited education about financial matters from product salesmen. The advice that was given to them was highly motivated by quotas, leading to investment and insurance decisions that were inappropriate for their situation. Because of these early experiences, Russ has vowed to offer our clients financial leadership which is process-driven, not product-focused, to help ensure they aren’t overlooking the important considerations that could greatly impact their financial health.

Russ has been serving business owners and entrepreneurs with exit and succession planning for many years. His personal experience with numerous transactions, planning his own succession and consulting to many with similar opportunities uniquely positions him to identify gaps between business and personal planning. More importantly, his experience and resources provide the tools needed to guide these clients throughout the exit planning process.

In addition, he has been serving those in the medical community and Collins Aerospace professionals for two decades. The desire he has to shield clients from the same mistakes his parents once made helps Russ to deliver guidance aimed at both protecting their nest egg and, as importantly, providing for their longevity and leaving a legacy for their kids/grand-kids and their charitable giving. His ultimate goal is to assist others in planning wisely and retiring confidently.

When he’s not working with clients, you can find Russ enjoying time with Marsha, his wife, and their family (including Hayes, Sloane, and Van, his grandchildren), giving of his time to local organizations that he is passionate about, traveling, golfing, or attending Hawkeye games.

Russell also offers advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, a registered Investment adviser.