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How to Set up a Trust

Published by Beth Schanou, Director of Wealth and Estate Planning

A trust can be a necessary tool for an estate plan. But, you may ask, what is a trust? Put very simply, a trust is created with a formal legal document to manage assets for beneficiaries. The trust is created by a person called the Settlor or Grantor, and a Trustee is appointed to follow the rules of the trust for management of the trust and its assets for the beneficiaries’ benefit. Read more

Potential Impact of the Trump Tax Proposals | Carson Wealth


Potential Impact of the Trump Tax Proposals

Published by Mark Petersen and the Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee

Every new administration in Washington D.C. has an agenda which results from the November election results. Candidates have talking points on the campaign trail. The winner believes that he or she has a ‘mandate’ from the people to implore Congress to enact their legislative will. We saw with the recent attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that this may not be the case. Read more


Five Things U.S. Investors Should Remember when Analyzing the Sunday’s French Elections

Published by Scott Kubie, Senior Investment Strategist

The French elections starting on April 23 are the biggest market moving political event until the recently called British elections. Below are five things to keep in mind that may prevent you from overreacting to a negative outcome in round one: Read more


How to Identify and Avoid Fraudulent Communications or “Phishing”

In this day and age, electronic communication has made huge improvements toward making communications quick and convenient. However, we must remain vigilant in protecting our valuable personal information. We believe the best safeguard is for you to educate yourself on what “phishing” is, how to identify possible “phishing” communications and how to protect yourself and your information from getting into the wrong hands. Read more

Robo vs. Reality | Grocery Store Shopping | Carson Wealth


Robo vs. Reality

Published by Pete Mullen, Relationship Manager

Have you ever been in a hurry at the grocery store and decided to use the automated check-out line, instead of waiting the extra minute to get in line and have a human check your groceries out for you? Well, if your experience was anything like mine, about half of the time something went wrong with the machine, and it ended up taking twice as long as you expected. Read more


Third Annual Shred Event

Published by Lauren Goranson

Tax Season is in full swing which means Carson Wealth will be hosting their 3rd Annual Shred Event on Saturday, April 22nd!  This event will take place from 9a.m.-12p.m. in our West Parking Lot. Clients will be able to drop off their personal documents they would like to get rid of and chat with their Wealth Advisor and Carson Wealth Team. Read more

What’s in Your Wallet? A Powerful Portfolio Management Tool


What’s in Your Wallet? A Powerful Portfolio Management Tool

Published by Rob Furlong

When considering portfolio management tools many people think about complex spreadsheets or Bloomberg terminals flashing red and green stock quotes all day. While these are necessary, they are far from the most significant tool. I carry my most powerful portfolio management tool in my wallet: a library card. Read more


Glad I Did vs Wish I Had

Published by Paul West

We’ve all been there. Something we wanted to do in our lives we let time go by and we missed it. Family trip. Drink with a friend. Kid’s school program.

Why does this happen? It’s simple. I’ve experienced it too. We end up always trying to do too much. Read more


Why work with a CFP®?

Published by Zac Ritchey, Associate Wealth Advisor

“Finances” doesn’t mean just one thing for most Americans and “Financial Planning” means much more than just investing. Bringing all the pieces of your financial journey together is a challenging task. With many moving parts in each individual’s/family’s financial life, there can be different recommendations a financial professional may give. Read more


Helping Your Loved Ones with Long Term Care

Published by Mike Schudel and the Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee

Seemingly so much of what we do involves looking ahead into the future. We think about the things we would like to do with our time, the tasks that we wish to accomplish and, sometimes, experiences we’d like to avoid. Aging is unavoidable and is not the most enjoyable topic to discuss – especially with our families as there can be so many emotions and unknowns involved. Read more