Three Explanations for Why Stocks Rally Past Rising Covid Counts

Bob Phillips weighs in on the outlook for investors as stocks rally despite the increase in coronavirus cases, noting investors are adapting to life with the virus as they expect the worst of the damage is behind us. Full article on Bloomberg

Markets’ Rally From Thursday’s Sell-Off

Bob Phillips joined Oliver Renick to share his thoughts on the continued market volatility surrounding fears of a second wave of coronavirus. Additionally, he highlights where he is finding opportunities in the market. Full video on TD Ameritrade Network

Risky Stock Trades Back in Fashion as Investors Play Catch-Up

While economic data is still weak, the consensus among investors indicates that the worst is over. Bob Phillips weighs in as investors look for areas of improvement in the market as more sectors are participating in the recovery of the economy. Full article on Bloomberg

Anna Fagan Joins Carson Wealth, Expanding Firm’s Services in the D.C. Metro Area

Washington, D.C. – June 1, 2020 – Anna Fagan, AWMA®, a wealth advisor with 20 years of experience, today announced her decision to affiliate with Carson Wealth to evolve her practice and scale her business with technological advancements offered by the firm. Fagan will also gain access to C …

Stock Market Meltdown’s Historic Velocity Bruises Investors

Markets faced a historic downturn in March amid the coronavirus crisis. Leslie Thompson notes while there is value in the market, she is reducing investments in stocks and raising cash until more stability is gained. Full article on The Wall Street Journal
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