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Sequence of Returns Risk and How it Could Impact Your Nest Egg

Wealth from Wisdom is a weekly radio show from Carson Wealth.

Paul West: If you retired anytime in the last 10 years, your timing was impeccable and you didn’t even know it. The wind was in your sales for your sequence of returns, and the Dow more than quadrupled since 2009 here. That’s four times, Erin, if you wanted to know what quadrupled means.

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Why You Need a Will (and You Need One Today)

by Sarah Duey, JD, CFTA, CAP®, Vice President, Trust Services

Who wants to spend an afternoon thinking about their mortality? No one, which is why more than half of Americans don’t even have a will.

The foundation of your estate plan is a Last Will and Testament. Read more

midwest flooding


Carson Provides Support to Flood Victims

By Jill Hamilton

In late March, several states in the Midwest including Nebraska and Iowa endured record flooding. Nebraska alone has endured over an estimated $1 billion in damages, with more than 2,000 homes and 340 businesses destroyed. With several of our Omaha stakeholders directly affected by the flood waters, our Carson family banded together to show support. Read more

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5 Reasons to Think About Long-Term Care Planning Today

By Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at Carson Group

I once received an email from a family friend about long-term care insurance. He was frustrated over a premium increase – which wasn’t the first rate hike – yet, he was still thankful for the policy. Read more

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Volatility – What to Expect and How to Act

By Zac Ritchey, Senior Wealth Advisor, CFP®

I recently gave an annual presentation to the 401(k) participants I advise. I always try to explain risk tolerance and investing to my audience in an easily understandable way. For most of the participants, investing in their 401(k) has been their only experience investing, so their knowledge of investing as a whole is limited. Read more

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Are You 10 Years From Retiring?: 5 Easy Steps for Retirement Preparation

by Teresa Milner, Wealth Advisor

Ladies … listen up!… there’s still time …

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Best Places to Live When You Retire


How to Decide the Best Place to Live When You Retire

By Ron Carson, CEO & Founder of Carson Wealth

One of the questions I get asked often is “Where should I live in retirement?”

Sometimes the person is asking about a list of cities, sometimes they’re asking about what type of residence – home, apartment, condo, retirement community, etc. – and sometimes it’s even other countries.

But before I can advise someone on where to live, it’s important to know how to decide the best place to live in retirement (or if you’re even ready to retire!). Read more

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Retirement Planning: What Are You Waiting For?

By Jake Bleicher, Equity Analyst, CFA®

Almost half of households near retirement have nothing saved, and that’s a big problem. I believe the biggest headwind is merely getting started: saving money is hard to do. Read more

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Future Funding of Social Security Is A Pivotal Piece To Retirement Security

By Jamie Hopkins

You’ve probably heard of the three-legged retirement savings “stool.” The idea is that a quality savings plan for retirement starts with having three aspects of saving: personal savings, employer retirement savings and government-provided benefits. Read more

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Two Major Retirement Income Traps to Avoid

by Alexander Reed CFP® ChFC®

The switch from wealth building in your working years to wealth income in retirement years seems simple. Common advice is to simply shift investments from growth stocks to dividend-paying stocks and buy more bonds. Read more