Carson Wealth Expands Presence in Three States

Advisor Scott Ford has a rich history of growth and M&A success with Carson
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Carson Wealth today announced its acquisition of three Carson Wealth locations in Hagerstown, Maryland, Atlanta, Georgia and Johnson City, Tennessee. The move expands Carson Wealth’s footprint in the East, strengthening the firm’s position in the wealth management market.

Led by Managing Director, Partner and Wealth Advisor, Scott Ford RFC®, the full-service financial planning firm focuses on serving entrepreneurs and manages $840 million in assets. Previously, Carson owned a minority stake in the firm.

“This move helps solidify our commitment to the clients and families we serve, even long after I may no longer be leading the firm,” said Scott Ford. “Transitioning these locations to be wholly-owned allows us to enhance the way we serve our clients. Our decisions are always guided by what is in the best interest of our clients, and this change will put our team and our clients in an even stronger position moving forward.”

Ford has had a rich history of growth and M&A success with Carson, first as a Carson Coaching member for nearly a decade. Then, in 2012, when Carson first launched its partner network, Ford was the very first partner to join. Through that partnership, Ford has grown significantly, growing to three locations in three states and a team of more than 30 advisors and operations stakeholders.

“Carson’s business model is designed to support the growth and operational needs of financial advisors in a variety of ways,” explained Burt White, CEO of Carson Group. “But perhaps one of the most powerful aspects is our ability to facilitate smooth succession plans, where an advisor can confidently pass the reins to the next generation while knowing their clients will continue to receive the highest level of care and service.”

White continued, “This partnership between Carson and Scott Ford’s team has tremendous potential. It creates a true win-win scenario that benefits everyone involved – the advisors, the staff, and most importantly, the clients they serve.”

In a time when only 37% of advisors have a succession plan in place, the acquisition will ensure business continuity for Ford’s teams and clients.

“Carson has been an invaluable partner in helping us grow and serve our clients at the highest level over the last 20 years, first as a coaching member and now as a wholly owned Carson Wealth partner,” said Ford. “Their commitment to providing advisors like myself with industry-leading resources, technology and practice management support has been instrumental in our success. I’m excited about the opportunities this new chapter will unlock as we continue to enhance the experience for our clients.”

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