Don’t be a 56er

56er time maximizer

You just finished a one-hour meeting at the 56-minute mark. Your next meeting begins in four minutes. As a typical time maximizer, you now have to make a quick decision – what can you accomplish in the next four minutes?

Do you get coffee, read emails or take a quick phone call? How about pay your insurance premium or forward your Schedule K-1 to your CPA? You don’t have enough time to check the more time-consuming items off your to-do list, so you decide to fit in whatever you can accomplish within that four minutes.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Prioritizing your time this way may feel good in the moment. Yes, you are accomplishing something, but are you really doing what’s best for your overall strategy? What about changing your 401(k) allocation or updating your trust with your attorney? When’s the last time you reallocated your lines of credit to ensure they are priced optimally? What about finally getting your trust started?

These items will, no doubt, take longer than four minutes. And let’s face it – at the end of the day, when all your meetings have ended, there’s going to be something higher on your priority list. I know I’d much rather be home with my family in time for dinner, so the larger items will have to wait.

The ‘Aha’ Moment

You most likely already have a bank relationship, an investment team, a tax professional, business coach and estate or legal planner helping with your holistic strategy. But who’s in charge of ensuring each relationship is aligned with that strategy? Who’s responsible for each item that keeps piling up? See where I’m going with this? That’s right – it’s you, the one whose time is extremely precious.

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about managing these large but necessary items on your to-do list. Why not hire a trusted professional who understands your financial strategy who can help you manage these tactics with minimal involvement from you? What if, at the 56-minute mark, you could get your cup of coffee instead of worrying about your to-do list? What if you could get off work after a long day of meetings and make it home in time to have dinner with your family?

I always say life is like a book – we should always be planning for the next chapter, regardless of the unexpected plot twists.

Don’t become a 56er. Let us become your central strategists and help ensure that your financial security is structured and maintained. Stop being afraid to delegate your work and get these things done right – contact a Private Client Advisor today.

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