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For Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, growing up on a farm in Nebraska provided the source of his innovative spirit.

“We were always innovating,” he said. “I watched my dad do things [in farming] that were not conventional. People would make fun of him, but he was very successful.

“It’s easy for everyone to defend what they know versus embracing the unknown,” Mr. Carson, 51, said. “But Dad would say to me, ‘Ronnie, if it’s not broken, break it.’ I’ve taken on that same philosophy.”

His interest in finance also stemmed from the farming world, as he watched his mother hedge and trade commodities futures.

Now overseeing one of the largest advisory firms in the U.S.*, Mr. Carson embraces continuous improvement and learning.

Recalling some of his innovative contributions to the industry, he cites the automation of repeatable processes such as on-boarding clients, opening up an office and even delivering random acts of kindness to clients.

Continuing along this vein of creative thinking is the Carson Institutional Alliance, which Mr. Carson founded in 2010.

“Similar to a franchise,” he said. “Advisers own their own practices but have access to a turnkey integrated partnership, with both a platform and infrastructure. We do all their branding and marketing.”

Mr. Carson also founded Peak Advisor Alliance, a national coaching and consulting firm for financial advisers.

One of Mr. Carson’s favorite terms is “passion,” and it underlies his approach to his work and his life.

“You should live your life by design, not by default,” he said. “Why not live every day with your passions? My favorite passion is my profession.”

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*Based on Assets Under Management in 2016.


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