Get to Know: Teresa Laughlin

Teresa joined Carson Wealth in April 2011 as an Administrative Assistant, transitioning into the Client Services area as a New Business Coordinator, and currently is in the Operations Department as a Cashiering Associate. 

Get to Know: Shayla Kriha, Client Service Manager

Published by Shayla Kriha, Client Service Manager I just celebrated my five-year anniversary with Carson Wealth. I became part of the team in May 2011 as an Operations Associate.

Getting to Know: Jane Vlcek

Published by Jane Vlcek I started working for Carson Wealth as the Director of First Impressions in January of 1999. Over the years, I have developed so many wonderful relationships with our clients.

Creative Destruction!! Are You Ready?

Published by Ron Carson Joseph Schumpeter coined the idea of creative destruction in the 1940s. Despite many examples since then of innovators like Netflix crushing once-untouchable businesses like Blockbuster, much of the financial services industry still lives in denial of the threats we …

10 Facts To Know About Carson Wealth

Published by Minna Burns Many people hear the name Carson Wealth and they know us to be a trustworthy and reputable wealth management firm, they are aware of Ron Carson’s success over the years and they recognize our headquarters on 132nd and Dodge in Omaha, Nebraska.
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8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

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