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About Jonathan

Most people who know him well refer to him as “Cub.” He played football at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise and picked up the nickname the first few days on campus. During one of the 3-a-day practices (those were legal at that time), the coach said, “you look like a little cub bear rolling around on the ground,” and it stuck. Luckily, he improved as a player and his final season, the team finished at the top of the conference with many players, including Cub, earning All-American Honors. He played offensive line, and the responsibilities were to be both aggressor and protector depending on the circumstance. He loved it because it was a competitive outlet and it allowed him to serve others.

In 2008, he transitioned from banking to begin his career in financial services. He started working with a national firm, later an insurance company, and back to a bank before joining his current team in 2013. Once arriving here, he was encouraged to broaden his knowledge and experience and the focus was on helping others towards achieving their goals. He’s said, “it feels like home because we lean on each other when needed and take on a team approach when guiding clients through various stages of life.” While serving here he’s worked with hundreds of clients and along the way and earned the Certified Fund Specialist® and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designations. He most recently served as a mentor to other advisors seeking the CFP® designation and is dedicated to ensuring that qualified people are in the position to help others with their financial goals.

His biggest hero is his mother, Shelia, who has worked in healthcare for close to 40 years. He grew up seeing her work multiple jobs to help provide a better life for her son and saw how she is committed to helping others and has a passion to serve. She would often say “leave it better than you found it,” which Cub has said he strives to do every day.

He and his wife Jennifer met in the early 2000’s while they were both in college and were later married in 2011. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and they often travel back to the Bluegrass State for sporting events and especially enjoy going to the races at Keeneland in Lexington. She serves the community as an attorney who practices family law and works as a part-time Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Wise County, Virginia. They’ve shared their home with various dogs over the years and currently have a Pudelpointer named Timber and an Old English Sheepdog named London. Outside of work, they enjoy volunteering when not spending time on their family’s farm working with cattle, horses, and bird hunting with Timber. Since 2016, they’ve been parents to their son, Reid, who is now in elementary school and enjoys playing piano, riding horses, and providing endless entertainment to his family and loved ones. If you speak with Cub and need a smile or a laugh, ask him to tell a Reid story (the Amazon and Crayon stories are some of our favorites).