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It’s key to get ahead of the 2018 tax season: Advisors

The new federal tax-reform law made some substantial changes to the U.S. tax code and obviously has a major impact on American taxpayers’ financial plans.

We spoke with several members of the CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council and had them weigh in on strategies they are recommending to their clients based on the new tax law. Read more


CNBC: Market shocks should be wake-up call for investors: Advisors

A period of very calm and quiet trading has lulled investors into a sense of complacency that, by some measures, has not been seen in years, according to some financial advisors.

Read more


Fox Business: Economy & Volatility

Watch Fox Business’ Varney & Co to hear Ron Carson’s view on the economy and volatility right now. Read more



5 Tips to Survive a Market Downturn

Check out this video for 5 tips to survive a market downturn. Read more


Fox Business: Market in Record Territory

Watch Fox Business’ Varney & Co to hear Ron Carson’s thoughts on the market in record territory and the one thing you should remember about business and investments. Read more


2018 1st Quarter Outlook Video

Carson Group Partners’ Scott Kubie discusses market updates from the past quarter and provides an outlook on the upcoming quarter. Contact us to speak with a Financial Advisor. Read more


Fox Business: Where Ron Carson Advises Clients To Buy

See Fox Business’ Varney & Co for where Ron Carson advises clients to buy in the middle of a market rally. Read more


CNBC: The biggest risk you face when choosing between a human and a robo-advisor

The choice you make for how you want to receive professional financial advice can make or break your portfolio.

Investors today have four main choices for how they want to receive financial advice, Ron Carson, founder and CEO of the Carson Group, said in an interview with CNBC. Read more


Fox Business: Year-End Stock Market Thoughts

Ron Carson on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. sharing thoughts on the market at year-end – don’t become complacent. Where will additional growth happen? What should you watch for? Hear his thoughts on 2018. “Pay attention to what your risk budget is in the calm, because at some time we’re going to have the storm,” Carson says.  Read more


CNBC: A good financial advisor will freely disclose all fees upfront

You may not be paying close enough attention to fee transparency while working with your financial advisor, and it could be costing you big time.

“High fees, compounded over a long period of time, can be more than the performance of the actual investment that you have,” said Ron Carson, founder and CEO of the Carson Group. Read more